The main focus of the design is to simplify testing by integrating test equipment into one unit.  The NRG Test Board Analyzer saves the cost of complicated, expensive equipment with unneeded functionality.  It saves the cost of expensive interface equipment and software by using a single USB connection.  Simple-to-use software (that is included) guides the user through each test.  Only a few simple connections are needed to operate the equipment.  Accuracy is improved since the same device performs all critical timing.  Counters are synchronized with a single temperature compensated quartz clock crystal. The temperature compensated quartz clock ensuring accuracy of +/- 0.0005 %.

The NRG Test Board Analyzer software does not collect any personal information.

The NRG Test Board Analyzer is designed to integrate the key test board equipment in one compact unit.  NRG Test Board Analyzer is a complete custom test board verification solution.


NRG Measurement


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